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Privacy Policy

Updated April 22, 2024

At Dirty Politix, we hold your privacy as a paramount concern. Guided by core values that prioritize discretion, we use your data only when necessary and ensure its storage is justified and transient.

  • We steadfastly oppose the commodification of your information; there is no transaction where your personal data is a currency.
  • Our commitment to your privacy extends through our adoption of analytics tools that honor globally recognized privacy standards.
  • Transparency is not merely an aim but a practice, as detailed in the Privacy Policy that follows, elucidating our principles and making clear our practices around the collection, use, and disclosure of your information.

Who we are and what this policy covers

We are a political news publishing company.

In our commitment to an open and just society, this Privacy Policy serves as a guide to how we manage your data across our “Services”—our collective term for Dirty Politix’s website and offerings. We adhere to distinct privacy protocols for certain services; those are governed by their own privacy policies.

This document outlines the processes by which we gather, utilize, and disseminate your information, and importantly, empowers you with the knowledge to control your personal data. This is not merely policy, but a reflection of our pledge to foster trust and uphold the values of privacy and individual liberty.

Information we collect

We gather your information solely for legitimate purposes—to enhance our Services and to improve your overall experience.

Our collection methods are straightforward: seamlessly as you use our Services and from external sources that augment our understanding. Here, we detail the nature of the information we collect.

Information you provide to us

Naturally, the information we collect reflects what you share with us, varying in scope and form depending on its application.

  • Communications with us: When you provide us information through participation in surveys, email, news tips, or utilizing our on-site forms—you are trusted custodians of this dialogue. This exchange of information is essential for fostering a responsive and participatory relationship between us.

Information we collect automatically

We employ a range of automatic data collection practices, including:

  • Logging technical details: We gather standard information from web browsers, mobile devices, and servers, such as browser type, IP address, device IDs, language preferences, referral sources, timestamps, operating systems, and mobile network data. This data helps us understand how you access and interact with our Services.
  • Tracking usage patterns: We monitor your activities on our platforms, recording metrics like page views and device specifications (screen size, cellular network, manufacturer, etc.). This usage data informs our efforts to enhance your experience and improve our Services.
  • Utilizing geolocation data: By approximating your device’s location through IP address, we can analyze broad regional trends in how people engage with our digital offerings. However, we do not use this information for individual user targeting or profiling.

Our goal is to leverage this automated data collection responsibly—to better serve you, while scrupulously safeguarding your privacy and civil liberties.

Information we collect from other sources

In our commitment to a transparent and inclusive digital ecosystem, we may incorporate select outside data sources to enhance our understanding of our users. For example, if you choose to connect your account to a social media platform, we will receive limited profile details and connections from that service, as authorized by you.

The specific information we obtain is contingent on the particular services you permit access to, reflecting our belief that users should maintain granular control over their personal data. We view such supplementary data as a means to strengthen our ability to engage with you meaningfully, never as a justification for exploitation or infringement upon individual privacy.

How and why we use information

Purposes for using information

We leverage the information we collect to serve the following ends:

  • Providing and maintaining our Services, such as account setup and billing for paid offerings
  • Continuously enhancing our platforms based on user engagement and feedback
  • Analyzing usage trends to improve functionality and accessibility
  • Measuring the effectiveness of our marketing efforts to optimize outreach
  • Safeguarding the security and integrity of our Services, preventing fraud and abuse
  • Communicating with you about relevant products, promotions, and platform updates
  • Personalizing your experience through tailored content recommendations and advertising

At the core of these practices is our commitment to empowering an informed and engaged user base. We believe data-driven decision-making can strengthen democratic discourse, but only when implemented with the utmost respect for individual privacy and autonomy.

Legal bases for collecting and using information

Under EU data protection laws, we have legal grounds for processing information about individuals in the European Union. Our use of your personal data is based on the following legal grounds:

  1. Contractual necessity: Certain data uses are essential to fulfill our commitments to you under our Terms of Service, such as enabling access to our platforms or managing your account.
  2. Compliance with law: We may be required by applicable legislation to collect and utilize specific user data.
  3. Vital interests: In rare cases, we may need to process information to protect your or another person’s fundamental rights and freedoms.
  4. Legitimate interests: We have a justified business need to leverage user data in order to provide, improve, and secure our Services, communicate with you, optimize our marketing, and enhance your personalized experience.
  5. Consent: For certain data processing activities, such as cookie placement, we will explicitly seek and obtain your approval.

Our unwavering commitment is to respect individual privacy while harnessing data-driven insights to empower our users and strengthen democratic discourse.

Sharing information

How we share information

We do not sell our users’ private personal information.

We only share your information in limited, specific circumstances:

  • With our own employees, subsidiaries, and contractors who need it to provide our services.
  • With third-party vendors who assist us, but only after requiring them to protect your privacy.
  • If compelled by law enforcement or to safeguard our rights and the public’s wellbeing.
  • In the event of a corporate merger or acquisition, while maintaining your privacy protections.
  • When you explicitly give us permission to share your information.
  • In aggregate or anonymized forms that don’t identify you individually.

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right, not a commodity to be exploited. Our data practices reflect our progressive values and commitment to the greater public good over corporate interests.

If you reach out to us, we may publish your request to help clarify our responses or support other users, but we will do so in a way that protects your privacy.

How long we keep information

We discard information about you as soon as we no longer need it for the purposes we collected it – as described earlier. We aren’t legally required to keep it longer than necessary.

For example, the web server logs that record visitors’ IP addresses, browsers, and operating systems are only retained for a minimum of 30 days. This limited retention allows us to analyze website traffic and investigate any issues, while minimizing the time your personal data is stored.


While no online service can be 100% secure, we are firmly committed to protecting your information from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction. We vigilantly monitor our systems for vulnerabilities and proactively take reasonable measures to maintain the safety and integrity of our services.

As a progressive organization, we believe data privacy and security are fundamental rights. Our policies prioritize the responsible stewardship of user information over excessive data retention or profiteering from personal details. We will always strive to balance transparency, user control, and the highest standards of digital protection.

Your rights

If you are located in certain countries, including those covered by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have important legal rights over your personal data, including:

  • Access your personal data that we hold and process.
  • Correct or delete your personal data in our systems.
  • Object to the way we use and process your personal data.
  • Demand that we limit our use and processing of your personal data.
  • Request portability of your personal data to take it elsewhere.

These data rights are critical protections for individual privacy and autonomy in the digital age. We believe personal information belongs to you, not corporations that could exploit it.

Our progressive values compel us to fully respect and uphold these legal data rights, regardless of a user’s location or background. We will always strive to empower you with transparency and control over your own information.


Dirty Politix LLC is a company based in the United States, specifically the state of Colorado. As the controller for all of our global service operations, we are firmly grounded in American values and laws.

Dirty Politix LLC
2020 N Academy Blvd, STE 261
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

However, our commitment to privacy, security, and user rights goes beyond mere legal compliance. As a progressive organization, we believe personal data belongs to the individual, not corporations.

We strive to uphold the highest standards of digital ethics, transparency, and respect for human rights – values that transcend national borders. Our services and policies are designed to empower users, not exploit them, no matter where they are located around the world.

How to reach us

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or wish to exercise the rights outlined in the “Your Data Rights” section, please don’t hesitate to contact us.