Friday, May 17, 2024

About Us


At Dirty Politix, our mission is to expose the harsh realities and injustices of our political system through uncompromising, hard-hitting political journalism.

We aim to shine a light on the unvarnished realities of inequality, oppression, corruption, and systemic bias perpetuating injustice in all its forms.


Prioritizing the Perspectives of the People

Our reporting is aims to show how major events and policies impact real people's lives, especially those from marginalized communities. We seek out diverse voices and viewpoints from all walks of life, not just the powerful elite. The lived experiences and concerns of our audience are at the heart of the stories we pursue.

Radical Transparency and Acknowledging Biases

We are upfront about our progressive editorial stance while striving to be fair, accurate, and empathetic to all perspectives. Our biases are openly acknowledged rather than obscured. We show our work through clear sourcing, so readers can evaluate our journalism transparently. Building trust through authenticity is critical in journalism.

Context, Nuance, and Intersectional Analysis

Identity factors like race, gender, class, etc. are central to almost every important political issue. Our reporting explores these intersections in-depth, not just surface-level. We prioritize explanatory, analytical journalism that doesn't deal in foregone conclusions but dives into the critical "why" with nuance, context and expertise.

What We Do

Dirty Politix is dedicated to providing independent and uncompromising reporting to uncover and publish honest journalism you can rely on, every day.

We publish a mix of breaking news, insightful commentary, and original analysis covering the issues that matter most. 


At Dirty Politix, our ethos is one of bold progressivism for the betterment of all, and an unwavering commitment to social and economic justice.

In the era-defining struggles we face, we are fully committed to the causes of the people over the privileges of power. Our north star ethos is truth to the people, not to the establishment who have a vested interest in misinformation and oppression.

Standards & Corrections

  • We endeavor for accuracy, transparency, and fairness in all of our reporting.
  • We strive to back up our claims through multiple credible sources whenever possible.
  • We grant anonymity to sources sharing information in the public interest if they may face risks, but never to simply voice an opinion without accountability.
  • We work swiftly to correct any factual errors, appending a correction note at the bottom of an article indicating what was fixed. More serious errors may see a more prominent correction.