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Trump’s Shocking Carelessness Exposed: Nuclear Secrets Found Under Christmas Pillow

Damning photos reveal classified documents allegedly stolen by Donald Trump mixed with Christmas ornaments, suits, and Diet Coke at Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump classified documents
Source: Department of Justice

In a bombshell court filing, Special Counsel Jack Smith has unveiled an extensive trove of damning photos that dramatically underscore former President Donald Trump‘s reckless handling of classified materials at Mar-a-Lago. The images, submitted as part of a recent court filing, offer a stark visual testament to Trump’s disregard for national security protocols. Classified documents are seen strewn about among Christmas ornaments, golf shirts, and cases of Diet Coke—a level of negligence that experts say could have had grave consequences for national security.

The newly released photos are part of Smith’s efforts to push back against Trump’s claims that FBI agents “failed to maintain” the precise order of documents when they searched Mar-a-Lago in August 2022. In reality, prosecutors say the chaotic jumble of classified materials mixed with random personal items was entirely of Trump’s own making. The photographic evidence not only bolsters the Justice Department’s case against the former president but also raises alarming questions about the potential exposure of closely guarded state secrets to unauthorized eyes at Trump’s bustling private club.

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Hamas, Russia, Israel

“This is not a case where reams of identically-sized documents were stacked neatly in file folders or redwelds, arrayed perfectly within a box,” Smith’s team wrote in their filing. “To anyone other than Trump, the boxes had no apparent organization whatsoever.”

Nuclear Secrets Found Beneath Christmas Pillow

National security analyst Marcy Wheeler discovered that at least one document tied to America’s nuclear weapons program was carelessly stored beneath a Christmas pillow and a piece of bubble wrap at Mar-a-Lago. Ten different classified documents were found in the same box. One of these documents, classified as Formerly Restricted under the Atomic Energy Act, pertains specifically to U.S. nuclear weapons and is listed as Count 19 in the charges against Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump classified documents
Source: Department of Justice

Another photo depicts a storage closet at Mar-a-Lago, where the contents of at least five upturned bankers boxes can be seen spilling out onto the floor. Several suit jackets in plastic dry cleaning bags hang from a rack above them, while a Gibson guitar case leans against the wall. 

Donald Trump classified documents
Source: Department of Justice

Prosecutors allege that nestled among this disorder was a document from 2019 bearing the “SECRET//REL TO USA, FVEY” designation—a classification reserved for intelligence shared only within the Five Eyes alliance of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

In a startling revelation, prosecutors uncovered a blue leather-bound box containing three Top Secret documents nestled on the carpeted floor of former President Trump’s home office, placed next to a cache of Diet Coke. This discovery underscores the gravity of his offenses. Top Secret classification—the highest level in the U.S. government’s system—is reserved for information that, if disclosed, could cause “exceptionally grave damage” to national security. 

Donald Trump classified documents
Source: Department of Justice

Top Secret documents typically contain highly sensitive intelligence sources, military plans, or diplomatic strategies crucial to America’s global interests. The casual storage of these materials in a private residence, especially one frequented by club members and guests, raises alarming questions about the possible exposure of critical national secrets.

“Trump kept highly guarded secrets in boxes with personally chosen keepsakes of various sizes and shapes from his presidency—newspapers, thank you notes, Christmas ornaments, magazines, clothing, and photographs of himself and others,” Jack Smith’s team noted in their filing.

Donald Trump’s Betrayal of Intelligence Operatives

This careless storage of classified documents represents an egregious betrayal of the CIA agents and other intelligence operatives who risk their lives to gather this sensitive information. During Trump’s tenure and in the aftermath of his removal of classified materials from the White House, an alarming number of American spies were captured or killed abroad. While no direct link has been established, the timing raises serious questions about whether Trump’s mishandling of documents could have compromised human sources.

Donald Trump classified documents
Source: Department of Justice

MSNBC host Joy Reid highlighted this disturbing possibility, stating on her show: “While all of this is happening, we know that in 2021 that there was a rash of deaths of American spies. They were being caught. They were being killed. This is a very real and exigent circumstance. The CIA has admitted to that.”

Indeed, a memo sent to CIA stations around the world in 2021 warned about “troubling numbers of informants” being captured or killed—a stark reminder of how vital these human intelligence networks are to national security. The potential exposure of such sources because of Trump’s negligence is nothing short of treasonous.

The lifeblood of any espionage service is its clandestine human sources, which is why American agencies are deeply concerned about the classified documents recently retrieved from Mar-a-Lago, the Florida residence of former President Donald J. Trump. Among the 15 boxes handed over to the National Archives, FBI agents found 184 documents marked as classified, including some labeled HCS—Human Intelligence Control System.

This designation represents extremely sensitive information about undercover sources, making their exposure terrifying to intelligence experts. “It is among the most sensitive information relating to human intelligence sources and very tightly held at the C.I.A.,” noted former senior C.I.A. officer George Jameson. “A compromise could result in harm to the source and the source’s information.”

CIA Extracted Kremlin Asset Amid Trump Security Concerns

This discovery echoes a troubling pattern during Trump’s presidency. In a stunning breach of protocol, Trump disclosed highly sensitive Israeli intelligence about an ISIS plot to Russian officials during a private Oval Office meeting, notably attended only by Russian media. His actions alarmed U.S. and Israeli intelligence officials, who feared that Trump’s revelations could compromise the intelligence source, and the methods used to gather the information. The incident not only jeopardized crucial Israeli operatives but also severely strained U.S.-Israeli intelligence cooperation. More broadly, it likely eroded the trust of other key allies, likely making them hesitant to share critical intelligence with the United States in the future. 

Months later, the CIA extracted a high-level Kremlin asset that had access to Vladimir Putin from Moscow. This drastic action, taken months after Trump’s Oval Office indiscretion, sacrificed years of careful intelligence cultivation. The decision to evacuate such a valuable source was driven by growing alarm within the intelligence community that the Trump White House had become a sieve for classified information.

Mar-a-Lago: A Haven for Foreign Spies?

The potential exposure of critical intelligence sources at Mar-a-Lago poses an unprecedented threat to national security. Recent history shows the devastating consequences of compromised espionage operations. The CIA’s network in China was decimated in the early 2010s, crippling U.S. intelligence efforts for years. Similar breaches in Iran and Pakistan have forced the agency to overhaul its source protection strategies. These incidents serve as reminders of the life-or-death stakes involved when classified information falls into the wrong hands.

The cavalier storage of sensitive documents at Trump’s Florida resort amplifies these concerns. Mar-a-Lago, a bustling private club where members and guests freely mingle with Donald Trump and his inner circle, presents a prime target for foreign intelligence services. The possibility that Chinese, Russian, or other hostile operatives could exploit this security vacuum is not just plausible—it has already materialized. A suspected Chinese spy, another suspected Chinese spy, and a Ukrainian national masquerading as a Rothschild heir have successfully infiltrated the property, and those just the ones we know about.

Diet Coke and Secrets: Trump’s Reckless Treatment of Intel

As the legal proceedings against Donald Trump continue to unfold, the full scope of his reckless handling of classified information becomes increasingly clear. The photographic evidence released by Special Counsel Jack Smith paints a damning picture of a former president who treated state secrets with shocking carelessness. The casual disregard with which he treated state secrets—storing them alongside golf shirts and Diet Coke—is a betrayal of the trust placed in him as Commander-in-Chief and a slap in the face to the heroic intelligence professionals who risk their lives to gather this information.

The newly released photos and details of Donald Trump’s attempts to mislead investigators paint a damning picture of a man who put his own interests above those of national security time and time again. As the case progresses, it is imperative that Trump is held fully accountable for his actions as a deterrent against this behavior. The rule of law and the safety of American intelligence assets around the world depend on it.