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Project 2025 Exposed: The Chilling Blueprint for Trump’s Authoritarian Agenda

The Heritage Foundation’s draconian Project 2025 plan would erode checks and balances, end judicial independence, and effectively ban abortion nationwide.

Donald Trump Heritage Foundation Project 2025

As the 2024 presidential election heats up, a far-right policy roadmap dubbed “Project 2025” is starting to get more attention. Project 2025 offers a chilling glimpse into the agenda of a potential Donald Trump presidency. This sprawling 887-page manifesto, meticulously crafted by The Heritage Foundation in lockstep with 100 other far right organizations, represents a coordinated assault on the democratic principles enshrined by the nation’s founders and a brazen attempt to reshape the federal government through an array of ultra-conservative policies. 

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With proposals ranging from ending the FBI and Department of Justice’s independence to criminalizing abortion nationwide and unleashing mass deportations using the military, Project 2025 reads like an authoritarian wish list that would demolish constitutional norms, subjugate minorities, and concentrate power in the hands of an unrestrained executive branch. Given the substantial overlap between the organizations involved in drafting this document and Donald Trump’s inner circle, it is reasonable to assume that Project 2025 will serve as a guiding force for his policy objectives should he secure the presidency.

Project 2025 seeks to reshape the nation into an authoritarian, anti-democratic ethno-state enforcing a narrow fundamentalist worldview. For anyone who values civil liberties, the separation of church and state, and constitutional checks on presidential overreach, this policy agenda represents an existential threat that warrants urgent attention and action.

Here are the 10 most alarming and damaging aspects of this authoritarian blueprint:

1. Destruction of DOJ and FBI Independence

Project 2025 threatens to strip the Department of Justice and the FBI of their independence, turning them into tools for the executive branch to target political adversaries. This shift would defy the vision of our founding fathers, who designed our judicial system to operate free from political influence. By undermining the DOJ and FBI’s neutrality, this initiative jeopardizes the foundational checks and balances intended to prevent any one branch of government from becoming too powerful.

“Were the power of judging joined with the legislative, the life and liberty of the subject would be exposed to arbitrary control, for the judge would then be the legislator. Were it joined to the executive power, the judge might behave with all the violence of an oppressor.” — James Madison, Federalist Papers No. 47

As Project 2025 ominously states, all litigation decisions “must be consistent with the president’s agenda.” To put it simply, that’s now how it’s supposed to work. This move would dismantle over a century of carefully constructed safeguards that have insulated the DOJ and FBI from direct political interference, jeopardizing their ability to uphold the rule of law without bias or favoritism. This power grab would undermine the rule of law, allowing the president to weaponize federal prosecutions and legal actions to persecute critics and cement their grip on power. 

Project 2025 also proposes eliminating the FBI director’s 10-year term, claiming the role should be politically accountable to the president. The 10-year term was designed to span multiple administrations, shielding the director from short-term political influences and safeguarding the liberty and freedom of all citizens by enforcing the law impartially.

Robert Mueller
Former FBI director Robert Mueller, Photo: Kit Fox

According to Project 2025, the Department of Justice and the FBI have been “corrupted by left-wing ideology and the bureaucratic deep state.” It calls for immediately reviewing and terminating any major FBI investigations deemed “unlawful or contrary to the national interest,” including probes into the January 6th insurrection and far-right extremism.

This represents a blatant attempt to undermine the independence of the justice system and transform federal agencies into political tools. Its proposals, if implemented, would deal a devastating blow to the rule of law and democratic norms in America.

2. Nationwide Abortion and Birth Control Bans 

Seizing on the reversal of Roe v. Wade, this draconian agenda seeks to annihilate reproductive freedom across America. It outlines a comprehensive assault on reproductive rights by Donald Trump’s administration, employing a multi-pronged approach to end abortion access nationwide without Congressional approval. 

One key strategy involves directing federal agencies like the FDA to reverse approval of medication abortion drugs, which account for at least 63% of all abortions performed in the United States. They could easily revoke the approval of these safe, widely used pills on day one, effectively banning the vast majority of abortions through executive power.

They will also crack down on abortion and contraception by resurrecting the long-defunct Comstock Act to criminalize mail-order abortion pills and contraceptives. This antiquated 1873 law, once used to censor materials deemed “obscene,” would empower the Justice Department to aggressively prosecute the distribution of medication abortion—now the most common method of ending pregnancies.

“Because liberal states have now become sanctuaries for abortion tourism, HHS should use every available tool, including the cutting of funds, to ensure that every state reports exactly how many abortions take place within its borders, at what gestational age of the child, for what reason, the mother’s state of residence, and by what method.” – Project 2025, p. 455

The theocratic vision espoused by the architects of Project 2025 seeks to severely curtail reproductive rights and personal freedoms. Under this draconian plan, obtaining an abortion would become a near impossibility, with the federal government effectively criminalizing the procedure nationwide. Access to contraception would also face dire constraints, marking a regressive assault on hard-won liberties that have empowered generations of Americans.

3. Nullifying Constitutional Checks and Balances 

Another troubling theme of Project 2025 is its blatant disregard for the constitutional system of checks and balances on presidential power. It argues that the president should use the Justice Department to “restrain the excesses” of both Congress and the judiciary in pursuit of executive goals. The document also advocates nullifying federal laws deemed inconvenient, bypassing Congress to enact policies indefinitely, and ignoring the Administrative Procedure Act’s regulations. 

Project 2025 also proposes an alarming overreach of executive power by suggesting the president should unilaterally withhold congressionally approved spending through a tactic known as impoundment. Donald Trump, a vocal proponent of this agenda, has vowed to wield this authority, brazenly undermining the constitutional separation of powers. The “power of the purse” is explicitly delegated to Congress, and while the president can veto bills, the Constitution does not grant a line-item veto power over federal spending. Allowing the executive to control federal spending represents a flagrant disregard for the Constitution and an affront to the framers’ vision of a government constrained by co-equal branches.

4. Schedule F: Weaponizing Federal Employment

Project 2025 seeks to purge the federal government of career civil servants deemed insufficiently loyal, reviving Trump’s controversial “Schedule F” executive order. This plan aims to strip job protections from tens of thousands of employees, enabling the White House to fire those seen as obstructing the conservative agenda. The manifesto openly calls for “empowering political appointees across the administration,” essentially replacing qualified experts with individuals whose primary qualification is loyalty to Donald Trump.

Such a move threatens to dismantle over a century of civil service reforms designed to ensure a professional, unbiased workforce. Replacing knowledgeable professionals—including those responsible for the nation’s nuclear arsenal—with political loyalists would create chaos and jeopardize national security. 

Experts warn that this return to a patronage system would undermine constitutional governance and weaken the integrity of federal agencies. With Schedule F, Trump could endanger the efficacy and impartiality of critical institutions like the intelligence community, the State Department, and the Department of Defense, risking not only governmental stability but also the safety and well-being of the nation.

5. Demolishing Environmental Protections

Catering to fossil fuel interests, Project 2025 takes a scorched-earth policy toward environmental regulations and climate action. The plan calls for eliminating key EPA offices, slashing renewable energy funding, reopening Arctic drilling, and expanding coal mining on federal lands. 

Alarmingly, Project 2025 calls for abolishing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), an agency with far-reaching responsibilities beyond climate research. NOAA plays an indispensable role in weather forecasting, hurricane monitoring, coordinating natural disaster response with FEMA, and tracking atmospheric events that could threaten our technology infrastructure. Dismantling this essential organization would severely impair the nation’s ability to prepare for and respond to environmental emergencies. 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Photo: Timothy Valentine

From accurately predicting severe storms to safeguarding communications infrastructure, NOAA’s expertise is vital to public safety and national resilience. Recklessly eliminating such an important agency underscores Project 2025’s brazen disregard for empirical evidence and disaster preparedness in service of an ideological crusade.

Donald Trump’s allies, eager to appease corporate polluters, are willing to dismantle any agency or program dedicated to environmental protection and climate science. By labeling environmentalism a “pseudo-religion” and “anti-human,” the plan blatantly ignores the existential threat of climate change. If enacted, Project 2025 would let companies pollute unchecked, poisoning our rivers and degrading air quality. Slashing these protections would roll back decades of progress, endangering public health and the environment for generations to come.

6. Immigration Reform: Draconian Measures

Project 2025 proposes a draconian crackdown on immigrant communities, involving the deployment of military personnel and ICE agents to conduct door-to-door searches for undocumented immigrants in US cities. This plan envisions mass arrests and deportations, treating immigrant communities as threats to be eradicated. The overwhelming force and militarization would cause widespread fear and upheaval.

The project’s nationalist agenda envisions an Orwellian nightmare, endangering immigrant communities who are targeted by this concerted government crackdown. This would bring devastating effects across communities nationwide. Families would be separated catastrophically, lives overturned, businesses collapsed, and entire communities destabilized.

The economic consequences would be severe. The mass deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants would trigger a catastrophic surge in food prices. With undocumented workers comprising roughly half the agricultural workforce, their removal would decimate this vital labor pool. 

United States farmworkers immigrant percentage graph

The repercussions would ripple through the national economy. For instance, around 1.2 million, or 23 percent, of the 5.3 million households with undocumented residents hold mortgages. Displacing these families would destabilize the U.S. housing market, compounding the economic turmoil. The consequences of 1.2 million mortgages simultaneously entering foreclosure are difficult to fathom, but a glimpse into the subprime mortgage crisis offers a sobering parallel. Between August 2007 and October 2008—the peak of that crisis—936,439 U.S. residences were lost to foreclosure.

Additionally, production would plummet due to severe labor shortages, while remaining workers’ wages would need to increase substantially to attract replacements. Farmers would also face soaring recruitment and overhead costs. This perfect storm of reduced output coupled with ballooning expenses could double or even triple overall food production costs.

While market forces typically cushion consumer impact, experts warn a disruption of this magnitude would directly translate to grocery aisles. Conservative estimates suggest the proposed deportations could cause food prices to increase by a staggering 90-210% in the short term. For working families already stretching budgets amid inflation, such a drastic price hike is untenable.

7. Sabotaging Public Education

On the education front, Project 2025 wants to take a wrecking ball to America’s public school system. Under a Trump administration, they plan on eliminating the U.S. Department of Education entirely, which would strip federal oversight of education funding. Teachers’ unions would be dissolved, depriving educators of hard-won labor protections that ensure decent pay and working conditions.

Rather than strengthening public schools, Project 2025 seeks to privatize education by steering taxpayer money toward conservative Christian schools that teach non-scientific beliefs like creationism. Decades of progress in establishing public education as a societal cornerstone could be reversed.

Funding that supports vulnerable student populations would be undermined as well. Title I funds for low-income school districts would be converted to unrestricted state block grants without federal regulation or oversight. Similarly, federal funding for students with disabilities would become unregulated lump sums to states.

8. Christian Nationalism: Religion as State Policy 

Laced throughout this 887-page manifesto is the explicit intent to enshrine a fundamentalist Christian nationalist policy architecture across the entire federal government. The proposals explicitly seek to redefine foundational institutions like marriage, family, and gender roles through a fundamentalist Christian lens enforced by powerful agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services.

If implemented, core democratic principles like the separation of church and state would be discarded. Narrow sectarian doctrine masquerading as “religious freedom” would codify discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, single parents, non-traditional families, and others falling outside the prescribed norms.

9. Rolling Back LGBTQ Rights

Laced with fervid anti-LGBTQ bigotry, Project 2025 takes direct aim at transgender rights and gender-affirming care. The radical plan demands eradicating any federal references to “gender identity” while outrageously deeming such healthcare for trans youth as “child abuse” that should be criminalized. The Heritage Foundation president declares the “propagation of transgender ideology” is tantamount to “pornography” deserving prosecution.

“The people who produce and distribute it should be imprisoned. Educators and public librarians who purvey it should be classed as registered sex offenders. And telecommunications and technology firms that facilitate its spread should be shuttered.” — Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts on “transgender ideology”

10. Surveillance and Privacy Erosion

This administration would leverage the far-reaching powers of agencies like ICE and Homeland Security to deport not just unauthorized immigrants, but anyone suspected of being associated with them, even U.S. citizens who cohabit with them. The plan pushes for a citizenship question on the national census and increased surveillance of sanctuary cities, undermining personal privacy and civil liberties. It’s a vision of America where surveillance is pervasive, and civil liberties are eroded—an Orwellian reality where the government’s gaze is omnipresent and unrelenting.

Project 2025: A Calculated Assault on Freedom and Self-Governance

The road to despotism is often paved with lofty rhetoric about “renewing” the nation and “taking back control.” But Project 2025 is not mere bluster—it is a calculated assault on freedom and self-governance by a movement that has embraced raw authoritarian impulses. Remember that this is the same movement that is supportive of far right authoritarians like Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orbán. Its implementation would shatter the foundations of American democracy, ushering in a repressive Christian nationalist dystopia.

The extreme proposals contained within these 887 pages were initially dismissed as fringe fantasies, but they have now become a central blueprint for the conservative movement and the Republican Party under Trump. With the former president barreling toward the GOP nomination, Project 2025’s “army of aligned conservatives” stands ready to install this oppressive agenda into a potential second Trump administration.

This unified effort to consolidate power and extinguish democratic checks poses a generational threat to civil liberties. If the American people wish to preserve their free society, they must take a stand and resoundingly reject the authoritarian demagogues promoting this road to tyranny.