Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Trump’s Potential VP Pick Noem Admits She Murdered Her Dog

In a shocking memoir excerpt, Trump running mate prospect and governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem boasts about killing family dog.

kristi noem wirehaired pointer
Wirehaired pointers, the breed of the 14 month old dog Noem killed

As the Republican Party searches for a running mate to join Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, one name that has surfaced is Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota. However, a disturbing revelation from her upcoming book has cast serious doubts on her suitability for national office.

In her memoir “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward,” Noem proudly recounts the gruesome killing of her 14-month-old puppy, Cricket, a wirehaired pointer she had hoped to train for pheasant hunting. In a shocking display of callousness, Noem writes, “I hated that dog,” labeling the young canine “untrainable,” “dangerous,” and “less than worthless” as a hunting companion.

The incident that sealed Cricket’s fate occurred after a hunting trip, when the untrained puppy escaped Noem’s truck and attacked a family’s chickens, killing several. Noem admits she wrote the distraught owners “a check for the price they asked” and helped dispose of the chicken carcasses.

But it was her next action that has rightfully sparked outrage across the nation from both sides of the aisle. Noem reveals that she led the young Cricket to a gravel pit and, in cold blood, shot and killed her own dog. “At that moment, I realized I had to put her down,” she writes, framing the heartless execution as a difficult but necessary task (even though she easily could’ve put the dog up for adoption).

As if this act of cruelty against a defenseless animal wasn’t enough, Noem then turned her sights on a male goat owned by her family. Describing the creature as “nasty and mean,” she shot it once, only for it to survive. Noem callously “fetched another shell” and fired a second lethal shot to finish the job.

Noem’s Daughter Asks Where Dog Is

Noem carried out this gruesome double execution in plain view of a nearby construction crew. As the workers returned to their jobs after witnessing the governor’s cruelty, a school bus arrived to drop off her children. Her young daughter Kennedy, unaware of the bloody scene that had just occurred, innocently looked around and asked “Hey, where’s Cricket?”, highlighting the profound lack of empathy and ethical judgment that allowed Noem to so cavalierly kill her beloved family pet because of her inability to train the dog properly.

Her defenders, including the governor herself, have attempted to justify these actions as simply part of life on a farm, where “tough decisions” must sometimes be made. However, this explanation rings hollow and fails to acknowledge the fundamental lack of compassion and ethical judgment displayed by her actions.

As Dan Lussen, a professional hunting dog trainer, pointed out, Cricket’s behavior was entirely normal for a puppy of her age, and her perceived failings were likely due to Noem’s incompetence. “To me, it’s a lack of guidance by the owner, or training by the owner, or discipline by the owner,” Lussen explained, noting the lengthy process required to properly train a young hunting dog.

Noem’s disturbing actions are made even more concerning by her well-documented history of controversial and often inhumane policies. As governor, she has repeatedly clashed with Native American tribes in her state, making racist assertions about their involvement in drug cartels and child neglect. Her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic was widely criticized, with South Dakota suffering high case rates, while Noem attempted to prevent tribes from implementing their own safety measures.

Kristi Noem
Kristi Noem at Turning Point USA event in 2020, photo: Gage Skidmore

Furthermore, her embrace of this shocking tale as a testament to her “grit” and willingness to take on “difficult, messy and ugly” tasks is deeply troubling. Is this the kind of leadership the American people can expect from her—a willingness to pursue cruel and, frankly, stupid actions under the guise of pragmatism?

Trump’s Disdain for Dogs

It’s worth noting that her potential running mate, Donald Trump, has a well-documented history of disdain for dogs, once stating that owning a pet as president would feel “a little phony” to him. In fact, he has frequently referred to his political opponents as “dogs,” revealing a concerning lack of empathy and respect for these loyal companions.

As the backlash against her revelations continues to grow, with President Biden’s re-election campaign and groups like The Lincoln Project drawing attention to her actions, it becomes increasingly clear that her suitability for higher office is in serious doubt.

“It’s never a good look when people think you’re mistreating animals,” Republican strategist Alice Stewart aptly stated, adding, “I have a dog I love like a child and I can’t imagine thinking about doing that, I can’t imagine doing that, and I can’t imagine writing about it in a book and telling all the world.”

In a nation that loves dogs and prides itself on values like compassion and ethical leadership, Kristi Noem’s disturbing actions and her proud recounting of them represent a stark departure from these ideals. As the 2024 election season ramps up, voters would be wise to scrutinize candidates like Noem, whose disturbing choices and lack of empathy raise serious red flags about their fitness for public office.