Friday, May 17, 2024

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McCarthy Accuses Matt Gaetz of Ousting Him as Speaker to Kill Underage Sex Ethics Probe

Shocking Allegations: Gaetz Sought to Derail Ethics Probe into Underage Sex Trafficking Claims

Matt Gaetz
Photo: Gage Skidmore

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) has revealed the sinister motivation behind the Republican efforts to oust him as Speaker of the House. In a shocking admission, McCarthy has accused Matt Gaetz (R-FL) of orchestrating the push to remove him from power because he refused to interfere with an ethics investigation into Gaetz’s alleged sex trafficking of a minor.

According to McCarthy, the real reason he was ousted as Speaker had nothing to do with policy disagreements or debt ceiling negotiations, as Gaetz had claimed. Instead, McCarthy asserted that Gaetz’s actions were driven by a desperate attempt to stop an ongoing ethics probe into his alleged criminal activities. 

During an interview on Tuesday at Georgetown University, McCarthy said, “I’ll give you the truth why I’m not speaker. It’s because one person, a member of Congress, wanted me to stop an ethics complaint because he slept with a 17-year-old. An ethics complaint that started before I ever became speaker, and that’s illegal, and I’m not going to get in the middle. Did he do it or not? I don’t know, but Ethics is looking at it. There’s other people in jail because of it. And he wanted me to influence it.” 

The details of the ethics investigation into Gaetz are deeply troubling. The probe is reportedly examining a range of allegations against the Florida congressman, including not just the alleged sex trafficking of a minor, but also public corruption, solicitation of prostitution, drug use, and the distribution of nude photos of his sexual partners on the House floor. 

Matt Gaetz’s “Personal Vendetta”

Yet, according to McCarthy, Gaetz was willing to go to extraordinary lengths to derail this probe, even at the cost of toppling the House Republican leadership. Private correspondence reviewed by The Daily Beast indicates that Gaetz privately acknowledged that his efforts to oust McCarthy were indeed motivated by a personal vendetta over the ethics investigation, rather than any policy disagreements over the debt limit deal. 

Kevin McCarthy
Photo: Matt Johnson

“Gaetz singled out McCarthy individually for reviving the Ethics Committee probe against him, and he indicated that his animus toward McCarthy was over that investigation.” 

The details of Gaetz’s alleged transgressions read like a lurid tale of abuse and exploitation. According to a confession letter from Gaetz’s close friend Joel Greenberg (who is now cooperating with the House Ethics Committee after being convicted of sex trafficking) the Florida congressman paid for sex with multiple women and a 17-year-old girl who they believed to be 19 at the time. 

“On more than one occasion, this individual was involved in sexual activities with several of the other girls, the congressman from Florida’s 1st Congressional District and myself,” Greenberg wrote, referring to the underage girl. He admitted to using payment apps like Venmo and Cash App to funnel money to these women on Gaetz’s behalf, with some transfers exceeding $1,000.

Yet in a scathing indictment of the two-tiered justice system that favors the wealthy and connected, federal prosecutors opted not to bring charges against Gaetz. As Greenberg’s lawyer lamented, “After so many years of defense practice, I’ve slowly come to the realization that our country has a two-tier system of justice. To be fair, why expend resources prosecuting the privileged, when there’s undoubtedly a minority out there with a small amount of pot?”

His words ring painfully true in a nation where black men like Kalief Browder (who later committed suicide) spend years in Rikers Island without trial after being falsely accused of stealing a backpack, while wealthy elite like Gaetz and his ilk almost never face justice for their alleged crimes. The stark disparity in treatment is a damning rebuke of the criminal justice system’s professed values of equality and justice for all.

Disturbingly, this is far from an isolated incident in the modern Republican Party. From the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape where Donald Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, to his recent civil judgment for sexual battery against columnist E. Jean Carroll, the GOP has cultivated a toxic culture of misogyny and male entitlement that enables and even celebrates the exploitation of women.

McCarthy’s Ouster

In orchestrating this leadership coup, Gaetz manipulated reluctant allies into embracing his personal vendetta under the façade of lofty conservative principles such as fiscal responsibility—which seem to go by the wayside when a Republican is in the White House. With disturbing Trumpian demagoguery, he whipped his Freedom Caucus cohorts into a frenzy, exploiting their ideological zeal while concealing his true motivations—naked self-preservation.

This haphazardly orchestrated coup led to McCarthy becoming the first speaker removed by motion to vacate in American history. It was a victory for Gaetz that came at an immense cost, severely impeding the new Republican House majority’s policy agenda and hurting the party’s ability to raise money, as McCarthy was a prolific fundraiser. 

And therein lies the great tragedy–that a once-respected political party of Lincoln and Eisenhower has been irredeemably warped into a cult of personality that has no issue setting aside criminal behavior. The Republican Party’s Faustian bargain in embracing the unmoored extremism of Donald Trump has dissolved its last remnants of integrity.

Matt Gaetz’s actions did not occur in a vacuum–they are symptomatic of a deeper malignancy within the modern Republican Party. One that has jettisoned core tenets of decency, ethics, and respect for the rule of law in favor of the raw pursuit of power at all costs. 

The path forward for the GOP lies not in laundering its image or reviving a discredited “family values” image, but in purging the likes of Gaetz and Trump in favor of true patriots like Liz Cheney, who put her country first and was punished for it. Only then can it begin rebuilding its integrity on an ethical foundation worthy of the public’s trust.